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Park Heights church of Christ
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Sunday Morning Sermons 

Dangers to Avoid

Enemies to Defeat

Challenges to Accept

A New Style of Preaching?

The Role of Women in the Church

Lifting Hands, Clapping, and Drama in Worship

The Assault on Worship

The Fuel of Change

The Roots of Change

The Cities of Refuge and the New Testament Church

The Barnabas Factor - 1
“Encouragement is a Biblical Ministry”
(Deuteronomy 3: 24-29)

The Barnabas Factor - 2 
“The Power of Courage” 
(Deuteronomy 31: 1-8)

The Barnabas Factor - 3 
“The Problem of Discouragement”
(Numbers 21: 4-9)

The Barnabas Factor - 4
“The Mind and Eye of the Encourager”
(Mark 7: 14-23)

The Barnabas Factor - 5
“The Ears, Lips and Hands of the Encourager”

(James 3: 1-12)

The Barnabas Factor - 6 
“Nehemiah Had Courage to Build” 
(Nehemiah 2: 1-5)

The Barnabas Factor - 7 
“Courage to Bloom: Barnabas”
(Acts 4: 32-37)

The Bible's View on Racism
(Galatians 3:23-29)

How To Stay Positive During Discouraging Times
(Psalm 30:1-12)

Loyalty of God
(Psalm 10:34-39)

"Drinking from the wells of the Psalms" 

Psalm 1
"Blessed is the Man"

Psalm 2 
"God Our Ruler-Christ Our King"

Psalm 3 
"God Our Deliverer"

Psalm 4
"Psalm of Trust"

Psalm 5
"God Our Protecter"

Psalm 6
"Prayer for Mercy"

Psalm 7
"The Pain of Slander

Psalm 8
"The Excellent Name of God"

Psalm 9
"God in Righteousness Judges the Nations"

Psalm 10
"A Call for Judgement Upon the Wicked"

Psalm 11
"The Answer of Faith to the Counsel of Fear"

Psalm 12
"A Cry and Confidence in the Midst of Wickedness"

Psalm 13
"When God is Silent"

Psalm 14
"Security in Godliness"

Psalm 15
"Who Can Dwell in God's Presence?"

Psalm 16
"The Supreme God"

Psalm 17
"Jehovah - Protector of the Righteous"

Psalm 18
"Jehovah:  Bulwark of the King"

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       Bible Classes...................9:30 a.m.
       Morning Worship............10:25 a.m.
       Evening Worship..............6:00 p.m.
       (lunch/no evening services on 3rd Sunday)

                 Bible Study......................7:00 p.m.

                 Ladies' Bible Class..........10:30 a.m.

                                        Contact Information

                                      1300 East Boynton Street
                                      P. O. Box 107
                                      Hamilton, Texas 76531